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The Light of Ar'Kandur

A 15 Minute Story
By Tim "Dragyn" Reed

    The sun shone darkly over the vast plains of the land of Ar'Kandur. Darian walked along the beaten path calmly, ignoring the fact that the sky made no sense whatsoever. He was used to it. Not much made sense, around here. Nothing ever had.

    Darian himself didn't make much sense. Looking at him, one might assume him to be a shapeshifted werewolf. One may instead assume him to be a werecat. Technically, he isn't either of these. He is both. It should come as no surprise that he doesn't expect things to make sense, these days.

    As he walked by the fields of farmer Jones, he waved to the old farmer, who waved back, taking a break from watering his crop of noisy children. Darian had once asked Jones why he raised children. Jones had answered simply, but quickly; "It keeps the crows away from the house."

    Not many things could stand the cacophony generated by a field of children.

    As Darian neared his home--little more than a hole in a natural brick cliff--the sun dropped abruptly below the horizon. In its stead, the moon appeared, reflecting the darkness of the sun brightly.

    The kittywolf pondered briefly the logic of sleeping through the one time of day wherein it was brightly lit, and turning on lights when you awoke. He didn't worry about it long, as he slid into a peaceful sleep shortly thereafter, nestled in his brick and mortar bed, hiding from the invading light of Ar'Kandur.