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Author Topic: Zombies  (Read 4266 times)


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« on: October 09, 2010, 11:02:50 PM »


Basic Premise:
I made a game in which you kill zombies. By the hundreds.

It works like this:

You are a guy in white armor.
Zombies come in various colors.
Slow zombies are green.
Moderate speed zombies are blue.
Fast zombies are red.
Boss zombies are Purple.
Gun zombies are grey and blue.  You'll know them when you see 'em.

The Controls:
Press Spacebar to Attack.
Use the Arrow Keys or the NUMPAD controls to move.

You have 255 hit points. Every tick a zombie is touching you, you lose one HP, and your white circle turn a bit more red. You hit zero HP, you die. A single zombie, if left unchecked, can kill you in about 3 seconds. 2 can do it twice as fast.

Walls are randomly generated around the map. Zombies can get stuck on these (as can you) but will, inexplicably, teleport around them if they get caught in a corner. I'm working on this.

When you kill a zombie (most only take one hit), he leaves a little red spot where he was. The red spots grow, and eventually turn the whole map red. They don't do anything else.

Zombies come from the edges of the map continuously. Until a few days ago, they'd come slowly until around 1000 zombies, then they'd abruptly surge in and kill you. I've since fixed that, but I need to rework the spawn scripts.

Occasionally, a Boss Zombie will appear. They take 5-10 hits to kill, and have a slightly longer range than other zombies.

The only objectives in this game are to stay alive and build up a high score. Slower zombies are worth less than faster zombies, and the bosses are worth more.



Download the archive (see the "Download" thread), then run either the setup.exe file.  Don't use the program manifest, because it doesn't always work right.

Then you run the program off the Start menu.

During the installation, it will download and install the XNA runtime redistributable if you don't already have it, so no separate file to hunt down.  On the downside, Microsoft gets to put their fingers into it and put in a meaningless EULA.  Bleh.

You can also get the XNA 3.1 redistributable here


Download the archive.  (See the "Download" thread)

You will need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer. You can download that (for free) at

It is the second one down on the downloads list and, as of the time of my writing this, is listed as JRE 6 Update 17. If you already have Java installed, you won't need to download that.

The file you run is Zombies.jar. I suggest you extract the whole thing out of the .zip into a folder of your own choosing. After that, if the JRE is installed, you can double-click on Zombies.jar and play.

If you have any problems getting it to run, or if you have advice, questions, or concerns, please, put them here.
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