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Author Topic: Never Ending Story  (Read 6527 times)


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Never Ending Story
« on: June 07, 2013, 01:34:04 PM »

Narrator: Welcome writerís to the newest, and hopefully greatest, Never Ending Story!

Ryan_Galen: Welcome to the what now?

Narrator: Ah, our first character. Tell me sir, what is your name?

Ryan_Galen: You know very well who I am. I know a narrator when I hear one. What I want to know is what in the world is going on here?

Narrator: Hmm... it seems we have a self aware one here. Well, it seems your writer has decided to use you to spark off a grand literary journey. An epic tale that will cross the hands of many writers, each adding and changing characters as time goes on; pulling the Plot forward into an endless up and down spiral that will only end when the breath of the last human on the face of the planet has been extinguished. You are now part of a Never Ending Story!

Ryan_Galen:, a collaborative writing project then.

Narrator: More or less.

Ryan_Galen: Ok then. Well that still leaves the question of where we are right now.

Narrator: I just told you, youíre now part of an epic...

Ryan_Galen: No, no... I mean WHERE are we? Right now as far as the audience is concerned weíre just too voices talking in a nebulous void.

Narrator: Oh... oh dearie me. I appear to have forgotten to load the setting. Just one moment.

Newport Mall
Ah. The Newport Mall. The pillar of the economy. Bustling storefronts, large air conditioned walkways with vaulted skylights, and plants. Lots and lots of indoor plants. Needless to say this is the pillar of the economy within the city of Newport.

Or at least it would be if Newport had any residents yet.  Right now the city of Newport has populations of zero.  I havenít even loaded in that character from earlier.

Ryan_Galen: Mind hurrying up with that. Itís getting a bit unnerving being disembodied.

Oh all right. Newport now has a population of one.

Ryan Galen takes a moment to access himself now that he... exists. Black canine pawpads, check. White right arm, check. Black left leg, check. Rest of fur matching border collie color variation, check. Check if eyes are still emerald green once he finds a mirror, but tail is still there so he canít complain. Shirt... black tank top that shows off his muscular build too much, find a replacement as soon as possible. Short... passable.

Entry character description over, Ryan takes stock of the empty mall.

Ryan_Galen: So... Iíve noticed weíre working with a scrip format for this story.

Narrator: In tradition of the original story. It helps makes actions clear and deceive in what could quickly become a very confusion situation.

Ryan_Galen: And my metastory awareness?

Narrator:  Quirk of your writer. Not sure how the rest of the writerís will handle it.

Ryan Galen shakes his head and looks about. Empty stores, deserted plaza... only signs of life are botanical.

Ryan_Galen: So when will we get some other writers... and you know, other characters.

Narrator: Oh, write it and they will come. They wonít just bring other characters though.

Ryan_Galen: ...what do you mean?

Narrator: A Never Ending Story is a collaborative writing project, not a roleplay. Every single writer controls ever single character whenever they post. That includes you... and me... and the zombies I just spawned in behind you.

Ryan_Galen: The what!

Ryan stops as a hand starts to close around his neck. Grasping that hand by the wrist, he spins around as he twists the offending arm. Attached to the arm he finds a husky, who really should be hollering in pain over the unnatural position his arm is in. Of course the pain from the exposed flesh around his missing eye might be a greater concerning... and is that an exposed rib?

Ryan escalates the huskyís concerns as he twists the arm further and lands firm kick on the dogís chest. Tearing the arm straight off, the collie arms himself in time to fend off several other grasping arms.

Ryan_Galen: Seriously, zombies? In a mall? Thatís the opening weíre going for?

Narrator: Oh come on. Itís more original than the arena the other Never Ending Story started with. Besides, looked lonely.

Backpedalling from his assailants, Ryan catches his first glimpse on just how many zombies weíre talking about.

Ryan_Galen: So you just decided to invite a few thousand of your closest friends?

Narrator: Well it was either that or ninja, and they donít work cheap. So... want to place any bets on how long you'll last?
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