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Author Topic: I'll make you an offer...  (Read 2037 times)


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I'll make you an offer...
« on: August 16, 2010, 01:57:00 PM »

So, I'm looking to get more sprites for my Shadow Wolf project.  So here's my offer:  if you make the sprites for it, I'll add your character to SW--likely as either an unlockable character (via New Game+ or cheat codes) or an enemy, but I'll add them.  I'll credit you in the credits, as well, especially for viable, easily reusable enemy unit sprites.    :)

The basics of what you'll need:

A bunch of sprites.  Characters probably shouldn't be more than 80 pixels tall.  Some doorways are likely to be as small as 100 pixels, and larger characters wouldn't fit through.  Characters should probably be around 70-80 tall.  Mitz, at 55, is supposed to be pretty short.

Next--the closer to my style the sprites are, the better.  I'd prefer they all look pretty similar in style.  If they don't mesh well, they'll stand out.  I may reserve the right to make minor modifications to sprites to keep them closer in style.

Next:  Sprites need to be on a transparent background.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.  If it's not transparent, I can't use it.  Even if they're all in one image, the background needs to be transparent.  You'll need a lot of little sprites, comprising the following animations (and 1 version facing each way).:

Walk -- Probably about 4 frames, looping.  2 frame animations work, but will look sorta' choppy.

Jump -- At least 1 frame.  Most of my characters have a single jump frame.  Looping.

Peak -- This is a single frame used when your character reaches the top of his jump.  You can reuse a jump or walk frame if you want to be a bit lazier.  Doesn't loop.

Fall-- This is at least 1 frame, played while your character is falling.  Loops.

Attack  -- This is at least 1 set of frames comprising an attack.  You can have as many "attack" sets as you want, and they'll be played in sequence,  (or at random, if you prefer).  Melee attacks also require seperate "hitbox" graphics, and ranged characters also need "bullet" graphics.  Any ranged character not providing bullets will use my standard ones, even if that doesn't make sense.  Attacks play in sequence, then loop if needed.

Walking attack -- If you want to be able to attack while walking, you'll need to offer the graphics for it.  At least 1 animation will be needed.

idle  -- This is played when the player stands idle too long.  It can be 1 frame or many.  Loops.

Jump Attack -- Each character has 1 attack for while they're jumping.  It can be as long or short as you like.  Loops as needed.

Fall Attack  -- Like jump attack, but for while you're falling.

crouch -- So far, this is a single frame.  If you want more frames, I can do that, too.  Character can't move while crouched.  (I have my reasons for this.)   Loops.

Crouch attack -- If you attack while crouched, this is the attack that gets used.  It can be as many frames as you want.

Recoil/Hit  -- This plays when your character gets hit/knocked back.  Doesn't loop, plays through once.

Stunned -- This plays while your character is stunned, and unable to move.  Loops.

Death -- Plays through once when you die.  The last frame is your "dead" frame.  Plays backwards if you get revived, somehow.

Portrait -- This is the graphic shown in the HUD.  I'll also want a bigger version for use later, in the character select screen.  The HUD one should be 75 x 75, the other one I don't know what dimensions I'll need, so just leave me something fairly large to work with, I guess.

Other -- Any special abilities, custom graphics, aura effects, etc. need to also be given, else I can't implement them.

Aircraft -- Due to some preplanned in-game events, I'll also need some sort of aircraft for your character.  I don't really care what, but remember that odds are good your character will be using it as a platform at some point.  If you don't provide one, I'm giving you a generic one.

If I think of more, I'll also expect you to provide those.

Blood pointed out to me that I should remind you all that I have to ensure that any graphics you give me are legal.  As such, I can't accept recolors, or anything that uses somebody else's graphics.  Modified character sheets are fine, as long as you can claim them as your own work.  Recolored sprites, however, would be a legal fiasco, so I can't use those.  Just clarifying.
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