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General / Re: Say anything!
« on: August 22, 2014, 08:05:21 PM »
I still come by every now and then! I contemplate posting art, but eh. Seems kinda weird to come by maybe once every few months and post art, then leave again. XD

Seriously though. I missed you guys. <3

General / Re: Say anything!
« on: August 03, 2014, 05:39:15 PM »
I promise I haven't forgotten you guys I STILL LOVE YOU ALL ;0;

I've mostly just been sucked into the vortex that is Tumblr. 8I But uh. Hi. I'm here. -waves- Strangely, I just got a Betta.

General / Re: Say anything!
« on: April 29, 2014, 04:23:15 PM »
Nothing too different, unfortunately. Art, story-writing, video games. Sold a couple t-shirts though so that was nice. Maybe I'm finally getting somewhere, with art...

General / Re: Say anything!
« on: April 05, 2014, 11:17:38 AM »
Man, I'm never around here, anymore. :C

So uh. 'Sup.

General / Player Shuffle
« on: March 04, 2013, 02:23:28 PM »
I could have sworn I re-posted this, but it seems that I did not. I have a large variety of new music, so let's see what happens!

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesnít make sense. NO CHEATING!

01. How are you feeling today?
Party Rock Anthem ~ LMFAO
(All things considered, not bad.)

02. Will you get far in life?
First Time ~ Lifehouse

03. How do your friends see you?
A Place in the Sun ~ The Elms

04. Will you get married?
We're an American Band ~ Grand Funk Railroad
(I cannot possibly spare anymore WAT.)

05. What is your best friend's theme song?
Ain't No Rest for the Wicked ~ Cage the Elephant
(Okay now that one could work.)

06. What is the story of your life?

07. What was high school like?
I Will Survive ~ Stephanie Bently
(If I actually went to high school, that would be fitting.)

08. How can you get ahead in life?
Stay with Me ~ The Faces

09. What is the best thing about your friends?
Don't Stop ~ Gin Wigmore
(Well I guess that could sort of work?)

10. What is in store for this weekend?
Leave the Lights On ~ Meiko
(No! My weekend will be DARK!)

11. To describe your grandparents?
Know Your Power Chords ~ Nuclear Bubble Wrap
(Absolutely nothing in that sentence described my grandparents...)

12. How is your life going?
Tonight Tonight ~ Hot Chelle Rae
(Well...yeah, okay. That works.)

13. What song will they play at your funeral?
Concrete ~ Plumb
(Yeah. Creep the heck outta everybody there, why don't we?)

14. How does the world see you?
Can't Go Back ~ Primal Scream
(Well okay, then!)

15. Will you have a happy life?
We're Alright ~ Hawk Nelson
(Okay now that one fits.)

16. What do your friends really think of you?
Where's Your Head At ~ Basement Jaxx

17. Do people secretly lust after you?
Palomino ~ Mates of State

18. How can I make myself happy?
Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) ~ Foster the People
(Color on the walls? Okay, if you insist.)

19. What should you do with your life?
Sinnerman ~ Nina Simone

20. Will you ever have children?
No One Leaves ~ Scratching Post
(.... So is that a yes, or no?)

General / Re: Say anything!
« on: February 26, 2013, 02:14:13 AM »
I'd probably get more comics done, if I wasn't lazy. 8I

Arts / Re: 100 themes
« on: February 26, 2013, 02:13:27 AM »
Completed Hold My Hand, among others. I'm actually doing okay, for long as I stay obsessed with Jathemon, I think I can do it...

General / Re: Say anything!
« on: February 20, 2013, 02:07:10 PM »
I'm still here! Sort of. I keep getting distracted. :c

Arts / Re: Random things, of the art sort
« on: February 14, 2013, 09:26:54 PM »
I haven't posted any art, in forever. Here. Have some Shower Joltik.

General / Character voices
« on: February 08, 2013, 01:44:49 PM »
Has anybody ever thought about what their characters' voice might sound like? I think I have an idea, for everybody...maybe I just think too much about these things, haha. I don't really know who to post, that anybody would actually be familiar with...but I guess I could start with my main Jathemon cast, since I've been posting stories and 100 themes.

Ahti = Mako

CT = "Mr. Blake" (no idea who the VA is)

Dr. Porter = Bruce Harwood

Shii (guy in my sig and avatar) - Either Fink or Mole(no accent)

General / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: February 08, 2013, 01:36:29 PM »
Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here listening to the Borderlands 2 soundtrack. Currently, it's on this.

Stories / Re: Acceptance
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:36:00 AM »
(This was the point in the Jathemon stories, where things started to really get going and open up a whole new world, for us. There are many more stories I've yet to post, but if these two get the okay, I'll work on editing some more.)

They reached a small health clinic, tended to by a single blue-haired young woman, whose eyes widened when she looked at them all. "Oh my my, you all look so terrible. Please come in, lay down right here on the beds." she said in a soft silky voice. "Thanks, Grace." Bruce grunted, setting CT down. Nurse Grace tended to them all, bandaging wounds and tending to CT. "This is terrible frost. I'll need an ice heal drip." she said, attaching an IV to CT's arm.

Rest was good. They were all tired, weak, and sleep-deprived. CT didn't know how long he was out, but when he woke up, it was almost dark, out. He looked around the room. A hospital? When did he get to a hospital? He sat up, grabbing his head. It still hurt, from that Bug Buzz.

He yanked the IV out, and swung over the edge of the bed. He had to get out of there, before authorities showed up. A bunch of people coming in here with injuries that severe, people were bound to be asking questions. He looked over, across the room. Nico had fallen asleep, in Musashi's lap. He had been through a lot. He deserved a good rest.

He was still weak, but at least he wasn't frozen. He limped over toward the two, and sat down next to Musashi. There was a long, awkward silence, before CT finally spoke up. "Thank you." he said, softly. "For keeping an eye, on him."

Musashi looked at CT with his green eyes. "Not a problem. Personally, I don't like you, and I feel I should do whatever it takes to stop whatever you plan to do. However, this one is just a child." he sighed. "To think you created such a diminutive boy, not like you at all."

CT smiled, at the sleeping Nico. "He does take a bit after his mother." He stood, taking the sleepy child in his arms, and started to walk out. Nurse Grace popped in, gasping. "No no no, patients are not to be leaving prematurely."

"Madam," he sighed. "My son and I have been through a lot, tonight, and I'd like to leave, before people come in and start asking questions. If you don't mind.." he said, shrugging past the nurse. He just wanted to go home, and forget about this whole thing. Lash and Shii were still at the hotel, though, so first thing's first, he supposed.

Bruce groaned as he sat up. "Yes, thank you for caring for us this far. "

"But, you're not fully recovered." Grace protested. "We're fine, nothing some more rest wouldn't cure." Bruce said, leaving with CT. "Little Nick too heavy for you? I can carry him."

Musashi ran his fingers through his hair. Why did he help that traitor? Better yet, why did he let himself be thanked by him? Any other time he would have been attacking him, or something else like that. He sighed. "What's coming over me?"

CT nodded, at Bruce. "The boy weighs next to nothing. I'm fine." He stopped and turned back, glancing at Musashi. He took a deep breath, as though the words he was about to say tasted bitter. "Musashi, do me a favor and meet me in the Central Plaza, in two hours. Alone, please. There's one final matter, I need to discuss with you." he said nothing more, and turned to leave.

Musashi raised an eyebrow. Had the moment he'd been waiting for finally come? Was Ferrovax finally giving him the duel he wanted? Was he going to end this in a mere two hours?

Ahti was already back at the hotel, with the kids. His injuries weren't as severe, and all he needed was a good rest. CT walked in, with Nico, and Lash embraced them both in a hug. Everybody was together, and unharmed. Except for...

"Where's Shii?" CT finally piped in. Lash sighed; "I don't know. He was here a few hours ago, then not long after Ahti got back, he was gone. No big deal, right? He probably just ran home, or is scavenging the dumpsters." Lash said, rolling her eyes. Shii didn't matter, right now. What mattered, is that everybody was safe.

Clem smiled as she tugged on Zero's sleeve. "Mommy mommy, guess what? I helped Daddy fight! I was all hyaa take that meanie poo faces and they were all like owie owie and I was all cha! This bug meanie was all 'rawr I'ma hurt yo daddy' and I was all no take that!" she chimed, pantomiming how she apparently viewed the scene.

Zero listened, intently. Her little Clem had become quite the battler, and brave, too. Ahti chuckled, as he watched Clem's reenactment of the battle. "If it wasn't for Clem, we'd be toast." he said, as he ruffled her hair. Clem giggled happily as her tail wagged. "Nico, too." he continued. Lash regarded him with a warm smile.

Two hours later Musashi was ready, waiting as he sat cross legged. When he saw CT coming he stood up, putting a hand to his swords.

CT stepped out of the car, and started toward Musashi. CT noticed Musashi's hands on his blades, and quickly held up a hand, in protest. "I'm not here, to fight. If you truly wanted to kill me, and I, you, we both had the ideal opportunity, back in Relic Castle." Musashi relaxed. "You weren't calling me out to duel? Then what, pray tell, have you called me out here for?"

"I need you to do something, for me." CT sighed, and he waved his hand, signaling somebody to step out of the car. Lilith and Soto stepped out, both looking very nervous. They had every right to be.

"Unfortunately, the process can't be reversed. Somebody needs to help them. To guide them. To help them adjust. I want you to take them with you, Musashi." the tone in CT's voice wasn't at all snarky, but rather had a touch of respect to it. Musashi had the opportunity to kill CT. CT knew he wanted to, but he didn't. He stayed with Nico, while CT was resting, in the clinic. He may have hated Musashi, but he had earned a respect, for him.

Musashi stood stunned, for a moment. "You. You want me to help them? Well..." He looked at the two girls. They were frightened and nervous, entering a world they didn't understand, barely even knowing who they were anymore. "Ok, you got it. I'll help them. I don't really have a dojo yet, and this city still confuses me. However, I couldn't abandon people who were in a situation like I was."

"Very well, then." CT nodded at Musashi, and turned back heading for the car. "By the way," he said, not turning around. "Have you been to Icirrus City? Nice town. Dragonspiral Tower to the North, Twist Mountain in the West. Also has a nice moor, further out." he said nothing more, and returned to his car.

Back at Relic Castle, Elvis had woke up, and was quite furious, at the two fusions. Before he could open his mouth, to start scolding them, a familiar voice was heard, from the shadows.

"You didn't get rid of boy." it hissed. Elvis stood up straight. "You didn't give me the data." he shot back. A tall, lanky figure stepped out, from the shadows. "We had deal. You get rid of boy, Shii gives you data. Boy is still alive, birdman doesn't get data."

"We weren't planning on the Mystery Inc. coming after us." Elvis growled. "We'll get the boy." Shii chuckled. It wasn't his typical, maniacal laughter. It was a twisted, sadistic laughter. "Ferrovax is bound to be on high alert, after this. Not let boy out of his sight. Is very protective, yes. Birdman won't get another chance, so birdman gets no data."

Elvis narrowed his eyes, at Shii. "We'll get rid of the boy. Whatever it takes. I need that data." Shii started walking out. "Long as boy is still breathing, Shii keeps the data. We will talk again soon, birdman."

It was good, to be home. After Lash and Nico were in bed, CT headed back down to the lab. It seemed quieter. Empty. The dim glow of monitors and various other electronic devices lit up the lab, in an eerie glow. Shii had returned, and fallen asleep in his nest, in a corner. It was almost like living in your parents' basement, but as long as Shii got the job done, CT didn't mind.

CT sat in front of a monitor, and flicked it on. It stored much of Blackstone's research, as well as something CT himself had been toying with. Pokemon had extraordinary healing abilities. Reuniclus, Audino, Chancey, Altaria, image flickered across the screen. Roserade. Roserade could heal status problems and wounds inflicted by such problems. Perhaps it was a cruel irony, that CT decided on a Pokemon that had a weakness, to fire.

After all that happened, everything they had been through, the last few days, he still had to continue Blackstone's research. He just had to be more careful, about it. Certainly no more fusions, at least not outside the ones he and Lash created, together. He couldn't risk letting Nico get hurt, again. He had to be careful, from now on. Think things through. But he couldn't simply abandon this project.

He walked over to a room, with a man in it. A human. He was a little under average height, and a very scrawny build. He had a short, round nose, and equally round face. He was also covered in burns, and most of his hair had been scorched away. CT held a serum that would mix this person's DNA, with that of a Roserade. One of Roserade's abilities, after all, would cure things such as burns. If things went well, once this human's DNA had melded with the Roserade's, his burns would heal, and he would gain the Pokemon's power. Instead of turning Pokemon into people, instead of creating fusions, he was merging Pokemon with human beings.

"Soon, Pokemon battling, gym leaders, and League championships will come to an end, as we know it. Humans will have the power of Pokemon, and Pokemon will no longer be under the control of humans. Imagine it. The next step in human evolution. Instead of using Pokemon to do their bidding, humans themselves can fight back, wielding the power of Pokemon. That is to say nothing, of Pokemon's incredible healing abilities."

The man in the room had his back turned, the whole time. "You sound like Blackstone." he wheezed. CT grinned. "That's why I took his name. In honor of his mad genius." he said, readying the serum. The man grimaced. He was too badly injured, to stop it. "Please, don't do this. Haven't you hurt me, enough?" the man wheezed, again.

"Don't be daft." CT said. "You can barely speak or move. You look like something from a bad horror movie. This will make you better, according to theory." The man winced, as the needle struck his arm. "I'm giving you a second chance at life, Dr. Porter. And you're the first of something, that could change the world, forever."

Stories / Re: Acceptance
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:21:18 AM »
A tannish brown blur charged towards the large Thanatos, Clem glaring as she did a spin on the ground, her bushy tail turning into a silver color. Quick and unnoticed, Clementine taught Thanatos what an Iron Tail attack felt like when taken full blown to one's shin.

Thanatos stumbled. He was part Steel type, but that still hurt. He turned, facing Clem, ready to give her a nice good Dual Chop. His blades glowed, as he readied his attack. Ahti set little Kai down, and shouted; "Don't you dare hurt her!" he yelled, shooting one final Thunderbolt at the fusion. He didn't have much left, but maybe it would focus his attention on Ahti, rather than Clem.

CT was covered in frost, and violently shivering. Nico crawled out from under his arms, and desperately tried to get him back on his feet. It was useless. CT was half conscious, and shivering too bad to stand. He was out of this fight.

Thanatos zero'd in on Ahti, hearing a high pitched voice shout. "Leave my daddy alone, you bully!" Clem shouted as she hit his leg with another Iron Tail.

As Thanatos looked to Clem with rage, a Vacuum Wave blasted him in the back. He whipped around to see Musashi with his swords drawn, panting. "Come on!" Musashi shouted.

Thanatos growled at the sudden challenge, readying another Icy Wind attack. He then felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned with a glare to see Bruce standing tall, looking him in the eyes. "Good night." Bruce said, before he surged all of his muscles into a powerful uppercut straight into Thanatos' jaw.

Thanatos stumbled backwards, standing for a moment, stunned. He finally slumped to the ground, unconscious. Thanatos and Elvis were unconscious, and Vulcan looked to be down, for the moment. Clem smiled. "Did I do good, Daddy? I was all whoosh and smack." she said, feeling chipper. Ahti scooped Clem up, in his arms. "You did very good, Clem." he said, smiling.

Nico looked up at Musashi, with terrified eyes. CT was curled up, barely conscious and still shivering. He had taken two very super effective attacks, and he was down for the count.

Musashi walked up, sheathing his blades. "He doesn't look too good." he said, plainly. The idea of helping CT anymore than he already had, sickened him. Bruce moved up and picked up CT. "He needs to get to the clinic. Come on Nicky, let's go." Musashi looked to Ahti, as if asking him what they should do.

Nico bounded up to Musashi, once again clinging to him. The little guy didn't seem to talk much, but he could sure cling. Ahti sighed, as he watched Bruce drag CT out of the chamber. Bruce was strong, and CT wasn't exactly a heavyweight, but they were all weakened and tired. Ahti stood next to Bruce, helping support CT.

Ahti couldn't make himself hate CT. After all they had been through, the fun times and the rough times, he still cared about his former teammate. Somewhere, deep down, he knew CT still cared, too.

Bruce sighed. He felt like crap not being able to carry CT on his own. Musashi looked at the boy. "Well, come on, you." he said, walking behind the two.

Stories / Re: Acceptance
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:16:18 AM »
"What did you do? Take a Scyther straight from one of the viridian swarms?" he asked. Honestly if one was to fuse a Scyther, it should be a much less violent one. "So where are they?"

CT shrugged, ignoring Musashi's comment. Mostly because that's exactly what he did, but he wasn't going to tell Musashi he was right. He wasn't about to give him that pleasure.

"Volcarona." he said, in a low tone. "A powerful Bug and Fire type Pokemon. The person who did this...he sent the fusion..." CT paused, for a moment. "He sent Vulcan after us, for a reason. Even the very name he gave him, is a hint. There's a shrine for Volcarona, in this castle. That's where they are. I know it."

CT had plenty of time to mull things over, on the way to the chamber. This was all his fault. Bruce and Lash were right, it was a bad idea. But did he really want to stop Blackstone's research, just because couple of hotheaded fusions escaped? This research could change human and Pokemon's relationship, forever. He couldn't just stop, because of a minor setback. He had to keep going, but he couldn't do it, alone. There were plenty of capable scientists in Castelia, who would probably be more than happy to continue the research. Besides, there was something new, he had been toying with. Something Blackstone himself didn't dare try.

Thanatos heaved Ahti over his shoulders, barely letting out a grunt. Bruce was dragged along, by the collar of his shirt. The confusion had worn off, after a few moments. He wasn't sure how long it had been, though, or how long it would take for Bruce to wake up and give him another Close Combat, or two.

Volcarona's shrine was deep within the Relic Castle, and it took some time to get to it. Thanatos was strong, but he was also weak from battling. Carrying two equally muscled, unconscious at that, guys through a bunch of sandy mazes, wasn't exactly the easiest task.

He made it, though, and dropped the two in front of Elvis. Elvis smirked, but it quickly faded. "Where is Vulcan?" he said. Thanatos shrugged. He didn't speak, much. He usually communicated with growls and fists.

"Your flaming goon had a bit of an accident." Musashi said as he and CT entered the chamber. "He's probably going to be occupied for a while." He observed the man. He looked odd and yet somehow familiar. Don't tell me it was another Pokemon hybrid, perhaps a fusion like the other two?

Elvis observed Musashi for quite some time, before a grin crept along his face. "Musashi." he said. "It's been a while. I haven't seen you, since the Kanto League. I heard you were roaming around town, but didn't expect you here." Kanto? Ahti was only barely conscious, but he felt a familiarity, as well. Who was this guy?

"You probably don't recognize me." he said, stepping down. The kids were behind him, all three very frightened. CT stepped foward, but Ahti grabbed his jacket, stopping him. He was still playing them. Elvis shook his head, chuckling. "Deepest apologizes. I'm sure none of you remember me, it's been so long. Kanto League. Twelve, thirteen years ago? God, I've lost count. You were all so young, when we met. But I remember. I remember, very well. I was Atlas' right hand man, until you came along, Gunpowder."

Oh. Oh, crap. "Elvis." Ahti snarled. It would have sounded hilarious, if the situation wasn't so dire. What the heck. It still sounded pretty silly.

Bruce groaned as he opened his eyes. "What's going on? Who is this joker?" he asked.

Musashi stood frozen, remembering way back then. Pen and Moe stopped by the game center. Pen spotted Musashi and determined to win him. Elvis, that name. Then his eyes widened. Moe's Pidgeot! "You. I've forgotten about you."

Elvis' face twisted into a snarl. "Of course you did." he spat. "After Gunpowder came along, I was yesterday's trash. The last in line, the last resort. Without me, she would have never won the Kanto League. Then I was just pushed aside, rotting away on a shelf."

He stopped, in front of CT, looking him right in the eyes. "You know that feeling, don't you, Ferrovax? Being the strongest, capable of so much, then scorned for it and tossed aside." CT's fists clenched. He hated being called by his real name. How did he even know his real name? CT started to step forward, several times, but stopped. He looked over at Nico, who had sheer terror in his eyes. Thanatos stood next to the kids. This Elvis guy was playing them, taunting CT into attacking. CT stepped back. He wanted to punch this guy's face in, but now wasn't the right moment. Elvis wanted him to attack, that's why Thanatos was there. If he attacked Elvis, Thanatos would attack the kids.

"Why am I involved?" he said, trying to keep the conversation going, trying to stall. Elvis continued pacing. "You're continuing Blackstone's research. I've taken a bit of an interest in it, myself. Give me the data, and your son goes free." A ransom? There's no way this guy would have gone through all this trouble, just for a ransom. No, he was going to kill them all, regardless. Eliminate the competition. That's something CT knew all too well, about.

"Have you gone insane!?" Musashi shouted. "Just because you stopped being number one choice? News flash, many of us took a back seat in the later leagues! Hell, Pen didn't use me in any league after Kanto, and used me for one gym in what, Hoenn? Sinnoh?" Was Elvis nuts? "You have no idea how horrible that research is!"
Bruce tried to stand up, his body aching all over. "Not even you know just how terrible the darker secrets are, Musashi. There's no way we can let you have those, whoever you are."

Elvis chuckled. "Insane? Perhaps. But there is data on there, that even you haven't unlocked." he glanced over at CT. "Isn't there, Ferrovax?" CT winced. God, he hated that name. "You're not getting the data." he growled. The data was encrypted, and CT had yet to figure it out. Blackstone had often talked to him, about Legendary Pokemon. If that data had something to do with Legendaries, he wasn't about to let Elvis get a hold of it. CT did a lot of crazy things, but even he knew messing with Pokemon that powerful, was a really, really freaking bad idea.

Thanatos shifted, waiting for CT to attack, at any moment. Ahti stumbled to his feet, barely able to stand. If he threw any electricity at Elvis, it wouldn't be any more powerful than a static shock, when you shuffle your feet across a carpet, while wearing socks. Didn't mean he couldn't try, though. What kind of twisted game, was this guy playing?

Elvis arched an eyebrow. "Are you sure? You're willing to trade your son's life, for scientific data?" he said, with a smirk. That was it. Fire danced around CT's hands, as he attempted to deliver a flaming punch, to Elvis' face. Thanatos sneered. He had been waiting for this, rather impatiently.

"Go ahead, Pops! Make your move!" Vulcan's snark-filled voice shouted as he entered the chamber from the opposite side of Thanatos. "Make a move and we'll torch your precious little brat! Go on, sign his death warrant."

Musashi glared. "Elvis, you're nothing but a coward, hiding behind children and hostages. If you're such a great battler why don't you prove it?"

CT looked over to Thanatos, who was looming over the kids, arm blades in position. He clenched his teeth, and the fire around him died down. "I swear, if you hurt him-" Elvis interrupted. "You'll what, hm? I'd say you're all outmatched." he said, taking up Musashi's offer.

Elvis moved in a quick and graceful motion, sending a powerful blast of air, toward them. Hurricane. They were already weak, but Elvis had to make sure they weren't going to fight back. CT was already really weak, from that Bug Buzz. That was one of the few attacks he didn't handle all that well. It was hard to stay standing. Musashi was sent flying back, grunting when his back hit a wall. Ahti tried not to lose his footing. He didn't have much left in him, but he was going to try. A large, crackling pulse of electricity went flying directly into Elvis. Charge Beam, it looked like.

Ahti didn't know Charge Beam. Elvis fell to his knees, electricity crackling all over his body. "What was that?" he snarled, looking toward Thanatos and the kids. One very frightened little boy still had static, crackling around him. CT couldn't help but grin.

Clementine glared as her body glowed. Clem's Assist move activated, and she felt energy coming from Bruce. She levitated a large blade-shaped piece of rock and hurled it into Elvis. Needless to say, Elvis also had to worry about the Stone Edge attack.

Vulcan glared, lifting his sword high. "That's it you little brat! You're de-" he stopped mid-word as he met the same fate that Shii once felt, the angry Clementine's skull bashing into his most private area. Vulcan crumpled to the ground as the little brunette girl puffed her cheeks. "Meanie poo faces!"

Elvis was pelted with large rocks, and fell to the ground. This wasn't how he had planned things to go.

Kai rushed over to Ahti, while everybody seemed distracted, and he welcome her in a tight hug. Little Nico started to rush toward his dad, but was abruptly halted, as a large hand grabbed his shirt, and dragged him back. CT narrowed his eyes. "Don't you dare." he growled. It was a deep, rumbling growl, that no human being could possibly emit.

Thanatos lifted Nico by the shirt collar, his breath turning frosty. Nico was never an actual Pokemon, but he had power, and that meant he also had weaknesses. Being a combination of Ground, Dragon, and Flying, Ice type moves were a major weakness, and being that young, there was a very good chance it could kill him.

CT wanted to give him a real good flaming Focus Blast, but that would risk hitting Nico. "Put him down. Right now." CT snarled. Thanatos chuckled. "Like this?" he said, using an Air Cutter to toss Nico. CT was fast, but he wasn't aware he could be quite that fast. He caught Nico, before he hit the ground, which is exactly what Thanatos was counting on. Two in one.

Thanatos sent out another blast of Icy Wind, that would undoubtedly hit both of them, at the same time. CT turned, his back facing the attack. He took the entire force of the attack, to protect Nico.

Stories / Re: Acceptance
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:05:31 AM »
Relic Castle. There is was. CT's car wasn't exactly made to drive through a sandstorm, but it got them there. He started to barge in, but Ahti stopped him. "You know this whole thing is most likely a trap." he cautioned. CT clenched his fists, and shrugged away from Ahti. "I know. But they obviously have underestimated me." he growled, as he stomped inside.

"Trap or not, we have no choice but to go inside." Musashi said. "I'm not going to let Clementine die a second time." Bruce followed behind CT. Inside the Relic Castle, Musashi looked around. "I hate these kinds of places. Couldn't anyone retreat into a forest, for once?"

It was quiet, inside. Aside from a few hikers and tourists, the place was empty. They were here, somewhere. They had to be. And when he found them, he was going to make sure there was nothing left of them.

Ahti remembered Relic Castle. He and Moe had been through here, years ago. They never went inside, though. The place was surprisingly huge, and majestic. Ruins of an ancient civilization, a historical landmark. One that was filled, with sinkholes. Ahti began sinking into the sand, and grabbed Bruce's arm, in a panic.

Before CT could turn around, the two had vanished into the ground. He took a moment to ponder things. What was worse? Ahti and Bruce sinking into the sand, or the fact that he was now stuck with Musashi? "Blast it all..." he mumbled.

"Ahti!" Musashi shouted as he moved towards the sinkhole. Bruce warned about sinkholes, and now he was alone with him. Musashi looked at the man he hated most, and sighed. "Guess we're stuck now." Musashi silently glared at CT. Soon as this was over, they could fight. Soon as all this was over.

Well, this was a minor annoyance. "Indeed." CT said, in a low voice. He nudged past Musashi, purposely bumping his shoulder. CT hated Musashi, but he didn't want to fight him. There were bigger concerns, than continuing their childish bantering. CT sighed. Relic Castle was huge. He knew they were there, but where? The whole place was one giant maze.

A fireball blasted past Musashi and CT. "Well well well, guess I'm the one who gets a crack at you, Pops." the familiar snark-filled voice said as Vulcan walked out of the shadows. "Nice reflexes." he tapped a rather large sized sword on his shoulder, his offhand covered in fire. "Guess what? I got a name now! That's right, the other pops gave me a name that you denied. How are them apples tasting? I hope you say sour."

CT rolled his eyes. Great. This punk, again. Wait, does that mean..."You took him." CT growled, teeth and fists clenched. His hands began to glow a light turquoise, as he readied a good Dragon Pulse, to shove down the magscythe's throat. "You have ten seconds to tell me where my son is, then you're nothing more than a splotch on the wall." he snarled. He didn't mean to say "or". He was going to kick that guy's butt, regardless.

Musashi drew his blades, the swords glowing with energy. "A punk? I can't believe you were a serious experiment of this guy."

Vulcan smiled. "I ain't 'you', Pops. It's Vulcan, now. As for your scrawny little runt, well to tell the truth I couldn't point you in the right direction if I wanted to. The other pops wanted to make you work for it even harder. Now if it's a fight you want..." he swung the sword down, the blade glowing green as he blasted a greenish yellow shockwave at them. "You got one!"

CT fell on his knees, clutching his head. Ow. That was most definitely Bug Buzz. Crap, he hated being wrong, but this whole fusion thing really was a bad idea. Fancy that. CT's eyes lit with anger, as he shot Vulcan a glare of pure hate. This guy took his son, and had the gall to attack him, with Bug Buzz. That was it. He was really angry, now.

CT growled, trying to stand back up. This guy was asking for a fight, then he's gonna get a fight. CT threw a barrage of Dragon and Dark Pulses, at Vulcan. Focus Blast was undoubtedly his most powerful attack, and his signature to boot, but it would do nothing more than tickle Vulcan, being double-resistant to it. He continued, not knowing how many of the attacks actually hit, or how effective they were, but he didn't care. It made him feel better.

Vulcan laughed. "What, Pops? Didn't like that? Have some more!" he shouted as he blasted another Bug Buzz at CT. Musashi got between them, blocking the wave with his swords. "Hey you," Musashi said to CT. "Think you can get a good hit on him? What is this punk anyway?"

CT blinked, in surprise. That was certainly an unexpected turn of events. "He's a Magmar and Scyther fusion, and he's surprisingly annoying." he answered, panting. That Bug Buzz weakened him, and he couldn't hold out much longer. But he had to. For Nico. Magmar and Scyther. Rocks. Relic Castle was full of rocks. A familiar, devious smile crept along CT's face, and his hands began to glow a bright orange.

Focus Blast wouldn't hurt Vulcan. He wasn't aiming for Vulcan. CT shot an enormous blast of energy at the ceiling, and quickly grabbed Musashi, dragging him out of the way as the stones from the ceiling came crashing down.

Vulcan watched as the energy last zoomed right past his head. "Ha! You should get your eyes checked, old man! That wasn't even close, and what did you think that'd do, huh?" his body emitted more flames. "How about a nice exploding Bug Buzz for you, huh!? You're so sc-" he stopped when he heard a loud crumbling. "...what was tha-" his next sentence was interrupted by him being buried under a ton of ruined ceiling.

"Well, that was unorthodox." Musashi commented, blinking. "Seems like the same kind of logic that would make one think a Pikachu could fry an Onix after dousing it with sprinkler water."

CT stood, dusting off his jacket, as he straightened it. That seemed to be a habit, the whole jacket-straightening thing. "Well, it worked, didn't it?" CT said, smirking at Musashi. "Suppose we should move on, then, before he digs his way out of that." Ceiling rubble or not, Vulcan was a Pokemon, a fusion at that, and had a higher endurance than human beings did. He'd get out of there. There was no way CT was lucky enough, to be rid of him.

But where to start? Relic Castle was huge, and this guy liked to play games. It had to be someplace significant. Vulcan was sent, after them. Vulcan was essentially a Bug/Fire type. A Bug/Fire type, who stole his kid. CT dealt with a Bug and Fire type before, back in the Unova League.

"I know where they are." he growled, stomping further into the sand-coated castle.

Bruce dusted himself off. "Damn these sinkholes. Now we're stuck and we have two people alone, who fight more than a Seviper and a Zangoose." Ahti coughed, and shook the sand out of his hair and beard. "Great." he grunted. He was getting too old, for this. "Now what?" he sighed.

Bruce sighed. "Guess our only choice is to keep searching, and hope those two don't throttle each other while we're separated."

A loud thump was heard, behind Ahti. Something heavy had fallen down, with them. Heavy enough to send sand flying, several feet outward. The tall man stood upright, and glared at Bruce and Ahti. Ahti was a big man, but this guy made him look like a runt.

"Bruce." Ahti said, staring at the creature that stood before them. "What is that?"

Bruce took a fighting stance. "I hate to say, but that's what happens when you fuse a Skarmory and a Haxorus then make it human."

Ahti groaned. Wonderful. If only there was a source of water, around. He'd give the big guy a nice good Ice Punch, to the face. He did that to Lance's Dragonite, back in Johto. It was awesome. Ahti sighed. Thunderbolt it was, then. Electricity crackled from Ahti's hands, as he shot a powerful bolt of lightning, at Thanatos. Thanatos winced, but it didn't seem to do much damage.

The smart thing to do, would to be taking them on, individually, starting with the bigger threat. Thanatos wasn't known for his brain power, though. Ahti was a Nidoking, according to his sources. Bruce was a Sawk. Ice and Flying, then. Thanatos blew a frigid burst of wind, all the while his arm blades glowed white, releasing a powerful Air Cutter, along with it. Icy Air Cutter, and it was heading right toward the both of them.

This thing was powerful. Bruce inhaled and charged, managing to dodge just well enough to be clipped by the attack before charging in, his fists a brutal flurry against the fusion's body. Bruce's Close Combat attack was unmatched when it came to powerful physical attacks, an attack even the others dreaded the threat of facing.

Thanatos stumbled back, but still stood. He turned, facing Bruce, and grinned. He was also part Flying type, so that Close Combat wasn't quite as effective. Ahti, meanwhile, was shivering and his focus was wavering. He made a living, out of being on the water, and his strongest attacks were Water/Ice type moves. Ice didn't always do all that much damage, but Ahti was tired. He had hardly slept, the previous night.

He turned, facing Thanatos. He stumbled back to his feet, and unleashed even more Thunderbolts. Thanatos dodged a few, others were nothing more than static. He slashed at Bruce, with his arm blades, trying to get him out of the way. Each slashing movement, unleashed even more Air Cutters. After Bruce was out, Ahti would be a piece of cake.

Bruce knew he couldn't fall back, yet. If this monster broke through, Ahti would be defenseless. The big man braced himself against the flurry of attacks, hitting harder with his Close Combat as he let out a roar.

Thanatos stumbled back, as Bruce continued to pummel him. He endured it, but he was getting weak. Close Combat lowered defenses, so he knew Bruce was getting weak, too. Thanatos grabbed Bruce's fist, and shoved him back. His arm blades glowed light blue, as he slashed at the air and sent another fury of Air Cutters, at Bruce. These two were a tough team, but they were getting weak.

Ahti was tiring out, fast. He was running out of steam, and this guy obviously wasn't going down, easily. Flying types don't get affected, by Ground-type moves. Thanatos was no longer able to fly, however. Ahti stomped at the ground, sending one final attack in. The Earth Power sent geysers of sand flying upward, some nearly reaching the ceiling. Sand flew into Thanatos' face, stinging his eyes. Ahti had hoped that was enough, because he couldn't manage anymore attacks. Putting anymore power into them, and he might collapse out of sheer exhaustion.

Bruce was fast and strong, but using Close Combat made him weaker to each hit. His body was sore, he didn't know how much longer he could last. He strained his body into a fighting stance. "One more, just one more." he groaned as he charged at the brutish Thanatos.

Thanatos stood up straight, arms outstretched in a pose that said "Bring it!" As Bruce charged toward him, and Thanatos' eyes grew bright red. He unleashed a series of punches, slashes, kicks, and headbutts, as a reddish-purple aura surrounded him. His Outrage would lead to confusion, but as long as these two were taken out, he'd deal with it. As soon as he figured out which way to go.

He hit Bruce and Ahti, hard, with fists covered in thick, steel gauntlets. He was after CT, but these two were a nice bonus. Ahti fell to the ground, not unconscious, but too weak to stand. The Outrage was brutal, but did indeed lead to confusion. Thanatos shook his head, trying to figure out where he was and what he was doing.

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